2NU Sunglasses


The Problem

Let’s be honest, there’s probably a pair of sunglasses within 10 feet of you as you read this post this very second. In fact, I’d be willing to bet you’ve purchased several pairs of sunglasses in your lifetime.

But wait….


Sunglasses always break.

There’s no way around it.

But its not your fault!! You live a crazy, fun, adventurous lifestyle! Whether it be backpacking in the Grand Canyon, or climbing the tallest mountain, surfing in Hawaii, exploring the Amazon…ok maybe you prefer something a LITTLE more relaxed, but be it an incredible adventure or just a night out on the town, shouldn’t you be prepared for anything?

That includes having a reliable pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes.

Why 2nu??

Remember all that stuff I was saying before? about you already having sunglasses?

Great, now I want you to think about doing all the fun and exciting things mentioned above.

One question: Do you trust your sunglasses?

Let me elaborate. See most people think all sunglasses are the same, but they aren’t. There are fashion glasses, there are sport glasses, polarized, non polarized, prescription…so many different choices!

Wouldn’t it be nice to mix the best of each kind into one super-functional pair of sunglasses?

2nu has created not just one, but FOUR pairs of designer inspired sunglasses that combine the fit and durability of sporting glasses, with the comfort and look of fashion sunglasses.

Each pair comes equiped with:

  • Durable TR90 frame with LIFE TIME WARRANTY
  • 2NU HD triacetate polarized lenses with Japanese Revo technology and UV 400 protection
  • Category 3 lenses
  • Includes: Custom patterned microfiber pouch, customized box 
  • Size: Front 14 cm, Height 5 cm, Temples 14 cm 

In 4 sleek designs and over 30 color combinations your perfect pair is just one click away!

With a lifetime warranty and FREE worldwide shipping, there’s no risk and no insane price mark ups on these sunglasses!

2nu has been providing quality sunglasses for over 5 years and your satisfaction is their TOP priority!

2nu just released their NEW line of sunglasses: HALO and have slashed their prices down to less than $100 USD!

Now is the time to invest in a pair that can handle any adventure you throw at it. Push your equipment to the limits without sacrificing the safety of your eyes! Sleek designs, top quality UV protective lenses, and a LIFETIME warranty all without breaking the bank.

To get your very own pair of 2nu sunglasses and experience the adventure that awaits, click here

Or click any of the images below!


FANCY II                         HALO                            GAIA                      SOLA


Not convinced? Keep reading for our ShopKesku Review!




ShopKesku Review:


Practicality: 5

Company: 5

Innovation: 5

Price Analysis: 3



Sunglasses are probably the most overlooked piece of equipment for adventures and daily life. Did you know that even normal sun exposure is dangerous to your eyes? Even that trip to the grocery store can add to lifelong eye damage caused by the sun. When it comes to the practicality of 2nu their sunglasses offer incredible durability and top level eye protection from UV rays.

As a company, 2nu has been in business for over 5 years offering free worldwide shipping and a lifetime warranty makes their sunglasses stand up to the competitors. 2nu offers a unique version of a widely produced product. Their satisfaction guarntee and return policy combined with how they handle customer care makes them a company we trust to deliver on their promises.

The unique designs and custom fit to help secure each pair of sunglasses to the head and prevent them from sliding down the bridge of the nose solves a common problem that almost everyone experiences with cheaper alternatives. Add this aspect to the array of stylish and colorful designs, its clear 2nu didn’t just want to stay par with the course when it comes to making their product!

When compared to other sunglasses of similar quality 2nu would earn a top score in their pricing. They’ve managed to bring affordability to quality and luxury with their designs, however, due to the high price point compared to all other sunglasses on the market, it’s clear that this pair is only for those who wont sacrifice comfort and safety for a little extra cash in their pocket.