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Work Hard, Play Hard

Get back to the gym in style.

Find the perfect reason to complete that new year’s resolution and be motivated to work out!

If you ask me, it’s IMPOSSIBLE to work out without music. Stuck in a room full of sweaty people with nothing but your own thoughts to occupy your mind as you use every bit of effort you have to add a little more weight to the machine or run a little bit longer on the treadmill.

Yeah, we’ve all been there…it’s not a pleasant experience. But wired headphones just get in the way and over ear headphones always fall off when running. So I’ve ended up settling for cheap earbuds that always end up breaking.

Why Gripped?

Designed to stay in place during any workout, no matter how intense, Gripped ensures comfort and performance while delivering high quality sound.

Watch the video below!

Gripped delivers sharp, clear sound and deep base perfect for every workout. The designs are sleek and stylish ensuring you look like a pro when you step back into the gym. Half the battle is motivation, and what better way to motivate yourself to get back to a healthier you than a sense of confidence in your choice of wireless headphones?

Gripped headphones are Bluetooth compatible with over 10 hours of play time in a single charge. Powered by a long lasting lithium ion battery, You’re not just buying headphones, you’re investing in a product that will last!

Featuring high polymer plastic and metal alloy support, Gripped are made to take a hit and keep on going.

But that’s not all…

For a limited time, if you click the link below you can save up to 45% off a pair of Gripped over ear headphones. Included in your purchase:

  • Draw string carrying bag
  • Durable carrying case
  • Charging cable
  • Optional wire cable
  • Exclusive Gripped cleaning cloth
  • Additional ear cups
  • one pair of Gripped wireless headphones

If over ear headphones aren’t your thing, Gripped also offers earbuds completely wire free!

We haven’t even mentioned the best part yet…

Gripped offers their quality headphones for as low as $50!

Click here to get your very own pair of Gripped headphones, or click any of the product images below!

Gripped Free       Gripped Actives       Equalizers V.2       Equalizers V.3

Gripped Free                Gripped Active               Equalizer V.2              Equalizer V.3