Support California Wildfire Victims

In 2017 several small fires in northern California came together, seemingly overnight, to create a monster inferno that burned over 36,000 acres and destroy over 5,500 homes.

At the time it was the most devastating fire in state history.

The fires affected family, friends, and the community at large. But there was hope and love amid the chaos.

Now there are even more fires burning across the state, getting bigger and more devastating by the minute, and more people are displaced than ever before.

Zack and I lived through the chaos, I experienced the generosity everyone gave in our community and now we are living through the recovery and rebuilding process.

Disaster has a way of bringing people together in strength and solidarity, and we think that’s really special.

I was fortunate enough to not need to lose my home and spent many nights at the local shelters giving back. During my time volunteering at the shelters last year, there was an abundance of cloths and food given by friends and neighbors, but there was a shortage of shoes. Men women and children fled in the middle of the night and many didn’t put much thought into what was on their feet.

HeyDude Shoes is a recent partner with  ShopKesku, and they are running a promotion where they will donate $10 for every pair of shoes purchased in California to the fire relief fund.

The promotion is a really generous idea, and we at ShopKesku want to do our part.

ShopKesku has a special 10% off all regularly priced items code.

Here’s our proposition:

For every 5 times our code is used, instead of donating money, ShopKesku will donate a brand new pair of HeyDude Shoes to those who lost everything.

Through my experience, I know that the smallest gestures of kindness go the furthest and I want to keep that going.

To help donate a new pair of shoes, use code:


at checkout on

The discount can be used multiple times and by ANYONE world wide!

We want to help HeyDude Shoes out, so purchases made without the discount code by California residence give a $10 donation to the wildfire fund directly from HeyDude Shoes.

Purchases made with the code heykesku10 by anyone world wide go towards a new pair of shoes to be donated to someone in need at the local fire evacuation shelters and shelters set up by the Red Cross.

Whether you buy them for yourself, a gift for someone else this holiday season, or even to donate to someone who lost everything, you have the power to make a difference with HeyDude Shoes.

We’ve set a goal to donate 10 brand new pairs of shoes to fire victims in time for the holidays and we need your help to make that happen!