ShopKesku Review System

Review System:

4 Categories:

  • Company
  • Innovation
  • Cost Analysis
  • Practicality


The company category is broken down into how well the publisher of the product conducts their funding page.

-Does the publisher provide ample information about the product?
-Are there frequent updates on the product page?
-Is the publisher answering the questions of potential backers in the comment section of the page?
-Are questions answered professionally?

These four big factors, as well as other subtle details, are all individually rated and combined into a total numerical score on a scale of 0-5. That is then displayed with a brief description and any “red flag” warnings to you on the product page to help better judge your future purchase.

We have found after many years of backing projects, we at ShopKesku have found that these qualities in a product publisher tend to fit those that deliver higher quality products and more successful campaigns. We take the time to do this research for you, so you can be sure you’re backing a product that will be successful and deliver as promised.


Innovation is a broad term, but our criteria is not. When we look at the innovation of a product we look for exactly what the product delivers to you. Marketing is a complex tool and many can be caught up in a well made promotional video, it happens to the best of us. The promotion is amazing, but deep down the product is…meh at best.

-Does this product fix a problem?
-Is this a new product? A better design of an exiting product? or a cheap rip off?
-Is the product made in a way that is reasonable?
-Are the materials appropriate for what is being offered?
-What sets this product apart?

These five factors will be considered in our review process and combined to a numerical score on a scale of 0-5. A brief description will also be provided as well as potential “red flag” warnings relating to the 5 categories.¬† Nobody wants a rip off product or a product that they don’t really need. Our goal is to connect consumers with products that make them satisfied with their purchase.

Cost Analysis

A fancy way of saying “is it worth it?” our review criteria for cost analysis is all about you getting your money’s worth. Products can come in various price ranges and there are many products that are worth every penny. Our goal with the Cost Analysis score is to assess if you’re really getting your money’s worth.

-Does the price compare to similar products available?
-What materials and labor go into the production of the product?
-Is the price reasonable for what you receive?

These three factors, in addition to the Innovation score, will be reviewed and given a numerical score from 0-5. The innovation category is looked at in determining cost analysis after the numerical score and is only reflected in the description. For example: a product may receive an initial low cost analysis score that is inflated due to a nice factor on the innovation side of the product. Factors like the product being hand made, naturally or sustainably  sourced materials, niche categories, charitable or companies donating part of the proceeds, new or unique products that may not be on the market. Other factors may be taken into consideration and disclosed in the description.


There are a lot of cool and creative products being created every day, but how many¬† are actually something you need? We at ShopKesku aren’t here to judge your purchases, but we do want to keep you informed. All products are made for a reason, some better than others. That’s why we have outlined the following criteria to help you decide if the products is worth the money.

-Can the product be used more than once?
-Is the product something with multiple functions and uses?
-Can you make the same product at home for little to no cost?

The aforementioned criteria along with additional factors will all be reviewed and put on a numerical score of 0-5. The point of the practicality category is to not judge products or purchases, but rather to provide an outside and objective voice of reason to assess the purchase before you spend your hard earned money.

The Results

A total review score from 0-20 will be provided with each product at the beginning of every post along with a general overview of the individual review steps. Further and more detailed information will be included under each category for you to be able to make an informed purchase and back trustworthy companies. It is important to remember that our review system is based on prior experience and has no guarantees included. A more in depth disclaimer is included on the front page for you to review as well for more information. Our goal is to make is easy and efficient for you to filter through hundreds of products in a matter of minutes with an easy to follow review system that takes the guess work out of crowdfunding.


Note: We are always looking for new ways to simplify and improve our review system and encourage your feedback. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, email us at: